Friday, May 31, 2013

may outfit roundup. day two-hundred-ninety-three

Holy wowza! MAY what happened to you? Am I the only one or did May just FLY BY? It's kind of ridiculous actually. More to come on why with the insty-roundup tomorrow. But here are some of my favorite May Outfits. 
may 2013 outfit roundup 1
1. Work wear got vintage and cropped 2. This really gorgeous TENDEN shirt I misplaced since I bought 3. The vintage-mod dress I have never worn and of course 4. The cat sweater

may 2013 outfit roundup 4
I had a lazy t-shirt thing going this month. Somedays it can be hard to dress yourself. 1. doggie shirt 2. leopard green 3. the black keys 4. a vegan shirt 

may 2013 outfit roundup 2
And a think for turquoise both when it was 1. Cold and Rainy and 2. Warm and Sunny

And then I went to Eugene/Portland OR!!! Here are some of my favorites from the trip. 
may 2013 outfit roundup 5

may 2013 outfit roundup 3
My absolute favorite 1. Vintage Deadstock Jeans 2. The blanket coat and 3. Namaste Bitches (best title award for the month ;) 

shoremag1 (2)
Oh and of Course cannot forget the Shore Magazine Article Post from yesterday!!!! Great End to a quick and fabulous month. 

Well I am looking forward to June, official summer, the beach and lots of travel fun!!!!! Tomorrow we round up May with instagram recap!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

shore magazine. day two-hundred-ninety-two

I am really excited to announce my first PRINTED publicity! I was featured in an article about slow fashion in Shore Magazine. Shore magazine is a lifestyle mag for people living on and around the Lake Michigan coastline. What I love most about this publication is that you can read the whole thing online very easily! I had a blast during the interview and the photo-shoot. I had instagrammed a few shots from the shoot. Here are some screen shots of the article below: 

shoremag1 (2)
shoremag2 (2)
shoremag3 (2)

Of course I am wearing TENDEN in every outfit featured in the article! And there is Todd himself ;) 

Here is the web-version of the article. 

And here are some out-takes. Thanks so much to Tony Martin for sending me these shots so I can share them with my readers! 


PicMonkey Collage
PicMonkey Collage 2
I love that slow fashion is slowly coming into more parts of main stream culture. More and more people are caring and becoming aware of what they are buying. It makes me ecstatic because that is really all i want!! Woo Hoo. I was way excited I hope you all find it interesting as well. 

Photography Courtesy of Tony Martin and Shore Magazine

exciting things! day two-hundred-ninety-one.

HEY! I didn't post last night cause I was tired but really exciting things happened yesterday and will be revealed in the post tonight :) this is what you get for yesterday :) GET EXCITED!

It is related to this insty.....

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

keep portland weird. day two-hundred-ninety

Ever since I first came to Portland a few years ago I have wanted to do a photo shoot with this sign. It's just so great and oh so true. The last time i was visiting I saw a guy walking around with a full grown cat on his shoulder (on a leash). This time I just kept wanting to stop and hand out food to all the homeless pets. They all seemed so well taken care of but I just wanted to do my part. Anyway I changed subjects pretty quick there but yes this sign. Love it right. 
Also. Love these dead stock vintage jeans. I should have handwashed them because now they are all washed out weird...maybe I will try to dye them? 

~Outfit Details~
Pants: Vintage Dead Stock | LuLu's Vintage in Portland
Shirt: Buffalo Exchange in Eugene
Bag: Lullu's Vintage in Portland
Shoes: Minnetonka Thrifted 

Monday, May 27, 2013

basically a blanket. day two-hundred-eighty-nine.

This coat is basically like a blanket. I know right. It is the softest thing i have owned in quite awhile! 
I got it at buffalo exchange since i packed like a loser-o I needed a lot of warm stuff!

This evening we got all dressed up and went out for dinner at Portland City Grill. Such an amazing restaurant with a great view!!!! Also great story about this amazing BAG. Last time i was in Portland I saw this bag in a great vintage store called LuLus. When we went to go back to get it the store was closed and i was so upset! I couldn't for the life of me remember the name of the store but I searched the internet far and wide for this bag searching all sorts of combinations of 'boat' and bag. Well lucky me when we came back it was STILL here and luckily they were open! (really lucky because right now they are open ONE day a week since the owner just had her baby!). Anyway so amped I got it and how freaking great does it pull together this whole look!

~Outfit Details~
Jacket and Shoes: Buffalo Exchange
Dress: Express | so old :) 
Bag: LuLu's Vintage
Necklace: Thrifted | Ditto 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

floral pants. day two-hundred-eighty-eight


ERMGAWD PANTS! I love pants. I know. You know this too. 
But really pants are the bomb. 

NOT! You guys know me I really don't like actual pants. Its just a weird thing. I wear them a lot but I am not a huge fan its just a skirt is not practical on an everyday basis. I would be flashing a lot of people a lot of times if I did it EVERY DAY. Lets keep the flashings to a minimum (Sounds like a great bumpersticker I should have). 

Anyway I have always liked the trend of floral pants but never came across any that really were like perfect fitting and awesome style. I tried these on thinking they would not fit and well curses they did. So they had to be mine. 
~Outfit Details~
Shirt: Borrowed from Tim
Pants: Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Minnetonka Thrifted | Salvation Army
Jean Jacket: Gap Thrifted | Hope's Outlet?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

lighting fail. day two-hundred-eighty-seven

The basic premise of the title on this posty you are reading here is that except for this singular photograph the lighting in ALL OF THEM sucks a fat sack of !@#$. However becuase of the curve of the room and the flash some neeto aura like thingerdings came out which was kind of fun. 

So after a fun day of relaxing at the hotel we ventured out to an early dinner at Prasad in Portland. The menu is all vegan and they have a great looking juice bar (we didn't have juice which was just silly honestly but I planned to come back and do yoga, did I mention its like INSIDE a yoga studio? So cool but anyway yah the juice is supposed to be great...) I ended up eating this great bowl of food which was just to die for. Then we went out and danced all night it was great. Tim has this insane way of talking to anyone anywhere about anything. He's good like that and it makes for fun vacations. 

~Outfit Details~
Dress: Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Uniquely Stranded
Necklace Thrifted
Bracelet: Hightower Chains