Thursday, January 23, 2014

Glamour with a touch of edge!

I was recently contacted by Brilliant Earth and asked to participate in their Personality Challenge. They specialize in ethically sourced, and sustainable diamonds and engagement rings and so I jumped at the opportunity to share with you their brand. If i were to get diamonds I would only want ethically sourced ones! Here is a little look i put together with their amazing pieces. 

Glamour with a touch of edge!

Since I am pretty glamours but edgy I love the idea of pairing edgy pieces with classics like these designs form Brilliant earth. I am a huge fan of Jefferey Campbell and i think these boots are just the edge required for this outfit! I also am insanely in love w/ this Michael Kors bag I mean really who doesn't love a great pop of color. The dress is s astatement in and of itself but along w/ these great accessories an awesome outfit is made!

I am excited to have been asked by Brilliant Earth to participate in their Personality Challenge! They have tons of pieces to offer for any personality and you can feel good about buying their gemstones because they take great care to assure they are conflict free!

Below are links to the items in the post :D And as always thanks for stopping by!

Mary Katrantzou mini dress

Michael kors handbag
$115 -

White gold jewelry


Jeffrey Campbell hat


Friday, January 17, 2014

the wolf on snow street

My obsession with wolf-pack t-shirts (as i like to call them) continues. Gotta love this wolf-princess shirt in purple really how could you not? My staff is filled with amazing people and they found me ANOTHER one I have yet to take photos of but this one is probably my favorite. The wolf-pack shirt that started it all is my wolf-inception one. Throw back to The Year day twenty-eight, its probably just me but that shirt is amazing :D. 
IMG_0874 IMG_0866 IMG_0846 IMG_0872 wolf pack wolf shirt
Having my boots winterized was one of the best ideas ever. Now I can wear them and they don't make my feet wet! Highly recommend taking any leather boots you have that are not already waterproof to your cobbler to see if they can be winterized! I am looking forward to the weekend after a few more days of work I cannot wait!

~Outfit Details~
Tshirt: Thrifted | Salvation Army in Holland MI
Jeans and Cardigan: Thrifted | Shelby's Place
Boots: FRYE | Can't find them anymore

Thursday, January 16, 2014

national nothing day

national nothing day

Hello to you January 16th! And apparenlty also National Nothing Day! 

Apparently just by writing this post I am going against the entire theme of this day according to one of my favorite websites, Holiday Insights. They describe this day as: This day is an "un-event". The expectation is that we do not create or otherwise promote this day. In other words, we do nothing. And, to say anything more would contradict the purpose of this day.

It is also described as a day to provide Americans with one National day when they can just sit without celebrating, observing or honoring anything.

Apparently this day was created in 1973 by Harold Pullman Coffin a newspaper dude who apparently just wanted to NOT CELEBRATE ANYTHING that day. In America we do observe a lot of holidays so I am a big fan of celebrating the holiday where you don't celebrate holidays. Ok... I am confused but I love the message. 

Seems like the right kind of day to celebrate for a Slow Movement blog! So plan on doing nothing today. I have the day off and am doing a photoshoot with a favorite photographer of mine and my dogs so that is my 'nothing'. 

Make it a great nothing day and see you tomorrow with an outfit post!


Sunday, January 12, 2014


We got a crap ton of snow in the past few weeks. Now it is finally melting but thankfully but WOW. Snow pocalypse or polar vortex I am just calling that a snow-nado. It now looks like a hot nasty mess outside with brown snow and melty puddles, tons of pot holes. I am over it. Looking back at these photos from the beautiful snow before the melt makes me want to go back. Not to the snow-nado but before that when there was a dusting of snow on everything and everything had a freshness. I am over the gloomy melt and ready for more. Bring it winter. 
IMG_0131 IMG_0130 IMG_0140 IMG_0135 IMG_0132 IMG_0138 IMG_0134 IMG_0141 IMG_0136
Here's your little toss of winter! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. No slow-sunday today not much fun new-ness in the slow movement world this week so you get me playing in the snow. Make it a great day!
~Outfit Details~
Jeans: American Apparel
Button Up: Vintage Thrifted | Hope's Outlet
Cropped Hoodie: TENDEN
Boots: Timberland

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

cropped winter

The arctic craziness has actually taken over the world and while I have been absent since New Years Eve I actually took these photos last week. I am so thankful that I could work from home Monday and Tuesday, the roads today were so awful and I can't even imagine trying to have done that the past 2 days. If I was doing the year challenge right now you would best bet I would have some missing days! NO one could convince me to go out in this weather it just screams NO FUN at all for shooting! I even cancelled a few professional shoots cause of the weather because lets face it babies and dogs in the cold doesn't seem like a good idea. 
IMG_0050 IMG_0025
Pretty obsessed with the highwaisted pants at American Apparel. I quickly realized after this shoot that I would NEVER wear this outfit as is again (I would likely skip the white tank or do a color or something I kinda look frumpy). But who doesn't love my TENDEN hand printed sweatshirt!!!! Eek! So cute, I saw similar ones on Todd's instagram and begged him to make me one in red/blue with the goat and chicken :D Kind of reminds me of my days in Alabama with George (pronounced Jorge (don't ask)) and the chickens. Ahhh it was warm there (it isn't now!!!)

IMG_0036 IMG_0043 IMG_0048
Sometimes it just takes looking at a few photographs to go 'ok this does not work!' but i still love all the pieces of the outfit so I wanted to share :D 

~Outfit Details~
Tank and Pants: American Apparel
Boots: Timberland