Thursday, February 6, 2014

instagram: November, December and January (wow)

Wow. It is very clear that I have not been myself since I have not been updating even the easy stuff! Putting together an instagram roundup is really fun and really easy. My life became very stressfull after October and many changes have happened since then! My instagram and these posts are a little window into my daily life. The roundups give me a chance to vent, enjoy the memories and dream for the future. The fact that I haven't done one since October upsets me but also is very telling to all the crap that's happened since. Here is my little blast from the not so distant past. 

November In Instagram:

1. I drove down this little stretch of road everyday but finally started really looking at it. As things warm up one of my goals is to take this photo everday. 
2. Caught Lily and Troy sleeping close together. This NEVER happens. 
3. Cone of shame. I loved playing around with all the fun stuff at work
4. First wedding photo shoot! Very tough because it was a night time event, indoors so I had to be very clever about how to shoot. It taught me SO MUCH!
5. The World of Warcraft convention was streamed live online and we had a ticket. I was watching people play WoW while playing nerdy I know. But this was a great memory of spending days in PJ's with my mom and dad. I loved it. 
6. Trip to Nashville! Many drinks were consumed :D bloodys and peach mimosas! uhh YES
7. I took out all my frustration on this little piece of paper at the interactive part of the art museum in Nashville. Too fun.
8. I used to smoke occasionally and now I vaporize. I have amassed a serious collection. Happy I quit smoking my voice is better and since I was overall very health conscious it seemed rather stupid to be smoking...
9. Hedwig and his selfies.....

December In Instagram: 

1. I love these dogs. I have been soaking up as much time with them as possible. 
2. Serious cat bites/scratches from the worm outbreak at try deworming 12 cats....yah 
3. Anissa is one of those friends who is always there. We don't live as close as we used to but anytime I can get together with this girl is amazing. She is extremely creative and we tend to be big time dreamers together.
4. Heck yah gay pride Michigan Christmas cookies?? Don't mind if i do!
5. More bloody marys with my girls. I am sorry but it is not a good bloody w/ out a pickle. 
6. Lexi, my former co-workers dog chillin by the heather. It was always cold at work
7. My sisters fiance wrote a guide to provenance (aka: all the stuff in books that wasn't originally printed). He is studying it for school and working at the MSU library. I find it fascinating. Anyway he wrote a guide to the terminology of books and I was GEEKING out. 
8. Bokeh from the car window
9. All clothing should tell you how awesome you are (label reads: I am Strong and Capable)

January In Instagram: 

January2014 instagram roundup
1&2. I went to the winter classic. An outdoor hockey game at UofM's big house between the Red Wings and the Maple Leafs. It was so fracking cold I can't even tell you.....
3. Rue yawning. She has the skinniest tongue!
4. BEETS!!!!! I love love beets. My mom made roasted golden and red beets and this is by far my favorite way to consume beets
5. Cats all in their new cat beds. I think they just like the hottub because it keeps them warm!
6. Troll doll from work :) too funny. 
7. Day one of the RENT SHOE CHALLENGE (wear a different pair of shoes to each rehearsal) I will eventually do a post just about this :) when it is over!
8. The greatest sweatshirt I had ever found in my time at Shelby's Place. (I left during January because of a multitude of reasons, but stress and unhappiness being the major one. Life is TOO FUCKING SHORT!)
9. Brussel sprouts are probably the greatest green vegetable ever created. NOM NOM

These past few months have held a lot of changes and its all a little scary. But exciting. I have no idea where things are headed and I am becoming OK with it. All I know is that I am going too BE HAPPY and only do things that add to my happiness and are my TRUE passions. 


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