Monday, February 24, 2014

slow your day

slow your day
Life has transitioned into a crazy whirlwind lately. I quit my job because of stress and a lack of personal growth within it and have been perusing multiple dreams of mine. Within the past few weeks I have learned to become increasingly self-motivated and efficient but sometimes I feel like I am running full steam and some nights I hit the hay and feel over exhausted. 
I keep reminding myself to SLOW DOWN. I don't mean to do things slow but yet to savor the little moments of stillness. Really take in the precious time with my dogs, the people I am working with, the quiet moments with a good book. Sometimes its really hard to live in the moment but the more I make an effort the longer (in a good way) and more fulfilling my days seem. 
This day I enjoyed a cup of tea and the last of a great series (Matched by Ally Condie) and some time with my pets while avoiding the frigid and windy weather outdoors. I am trying to savor more moments like this within the chaos. 
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So in your busy hectic schedule this week try and savor a few moments, maybe its a warm shower, taking your dog out for a walk or quality time with family and friends. Try to redirect your thoughts not to what you are doing in the rest of your day/week/life but on the exact moment that is happening now. Something magical happens when you stop and take it in, time seems to slow down and these quiet moments don't seem so short. Slow Your Day! :) 
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  1. These photos are adorable & awesome message! I too quit my day job a few months ago and am now working from home, but sometimes I find myself working until 10pm or on weekends, so its definitely important to slow down once in awhile!
    Happy Monday!
    xo Hannah

  2. SUCH a good reminder to take a moment to enjoy life. Also- loving your photos. The quality is so crisp!

  3. ooo what dream are you pursuing? i felt the same way when i had an office job- by the time i came home all i wanted to do was grumpily watch tv til i fell asleep. there was no room to grow or try something else! and this is such a cozy reminder to slow down a bit. i feel super anxious to finish the first draft of my book and as a result feel kind of high strung (especially when the ideas won't come!) This inspired me to go make a cup of tea and flip through Vogue for a bit ;)

    xo marlen
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  4. Loooove this post. The pictures are looking amazing!

    -Sara XO


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