Friday, March 7, 2014

maybe too slow

maybe too slow
Hello Bloggy World!!! These two photos pretty much sum up life lately. SO TIRED. So many wonderful things happening in my little world have resulted in a seriously 'slowness' to my blogging! I am here to share w/ you what has been keeping me busy and off slow your style. I have been growing my photography business, rehearsing for the part of Joanne in our local community theatre production of RENT and reading a lot for education and pleasure! This little indoor shoot seemed appropriate for how I am feeling lately! Playful, happy and also sleepy. Feels like I am go go going all the time but of course I learn to stop and smell the book bindings every once in awhile (reading or yoga are when I really can slow everything down). 

maybe too slow maybe too slow maybe too slow maybe too slow maybe too slow maybe too slow maybe too slow maybe too slow maybe too slow
It is also all of a sudden WARM (if you can call 40F warm but seriously it has been so freezing all the time). Snow is melting and spring is coming which I KNOW means more excitement about the blog! Stay tuned!

~Outfit Details~
T-Shirt: From Powell's Books in Portland OR
Skirt: Thrifted | Hope's Outlet 
Boots: My go too babies from YEARS ago by Carlos Santana ;) 
Belt: Express from forever ago
Bracelet: Hightower Chains 


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  1. Nothing wrong with taking some time for yourself! Hopefully you're feeling a bit more rested! As far as reading, are there any books about blogging you would recommend? I'm interested in starting a fashion blog, but I don't know where to start!


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