Thursday, March 27, 2014

spring will be sprung

spring will be sprung
The blog world is a flutter with rants about winter and it is not that I disagree I am just sick of ranting about it..winter is obviously going to last like winter in Game of Thrones and will never end..sigh. NO BUT WAIT! It will end. In my neck of the Midwest it is set to warm up a bit this weekend. Of course right when I leave for California...but none the less there is hope out there!!!

spring will be sprung spring will be sprung spring will be sprung
I have found lately my style has been a bit '90's bohemian with a touch of Lesbian' as I am calling it. I am blaming it totally on the fact that I have been spending the past three months getting into character for my part in RENT (I played Joanne). I told myself as soon as the show ended (we closed on Saturday) I would get back into my normal clothing routine but I find I am really liking this style with this weather. However this day I did break it up a little by wearing this cropped TENDEN sweater and my Wolverine boots. Lately you can find me wearing my Doc Martens and my moms vintage leather jacket like a true bohemian (we call them hipsters now ;) in the 90s it was so bohemian ;)).

spring will be sprung spring will be sprung spring will be sprung spring will be sprung spring will be sprung spring will be sprung spring will be sprung
I think traveling to Cali is just what I need to reboot my wardrobe. I need to start packing ASAP becuse it takes me so long to pack..otherwise I end up w/ 10 of the same outfit, too many shoes and not enough socks or some combination of stuff. I am frantically google searching 'how to pack efficiently' or 'how to pack awesomeness into one carry on' I am sure there are some awesome blogs ya'll could share with me. Any tips? 

~Outfit Details~
Plaid Top: Thrifted Vintage | Hope's Outlet
Cropped Sweater: TENDEN
Jeans: Easy Jean | American Apparel
Boots: Samantha Pleet by Wolverine
Bag: Chocolate Handbags of New York



  1. One Good Thing By Jillee did a packing post that was pretty helpful for getting the most out of your carry-on. I'm sure you can find it through Google.

  2. This color is so great on you and those boots are fierce!

  3. playing catchup on blogging and reading blogs :) i love this look, one of my favorites!! also that bag is to die for!!! hope all is well!!

    Bunnies and Pearls


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