Tuesday, April 15, 2014

booked for the season

used books
It is not a new thing to my readers that I love reading (haha see what i did there...clearly you like reading too!) But I normally talk about how much I LOVE my local library. Which don't get me wrong I totally do. You can get any book you want to read and don't pile up masses of books that you paid absurd amounts of money for....HOWEVER there are times when I like to OWN a book. I love old books, books with stories, bookplates that have other peoples names in them and a history of their own. I like books that are no longer published and you just can't find in the library and second hand book stores are just the place for me. 

I first came across Booked for the Season by accident. I was hoping to head to my local natural food store and couldn't find a parking spot. So I parked right in front of Booked for the Season and headed over to get my vegan nom on. On my way back the word BOOK bounced out at me and I had to check it out. This store is adorable and if you are into thrifting or book searching at all this is just your kind of place. 
used books used books used books used books used books used books
There is something magical about the hunt for books. They have tons of titles you would never have heard of. I love this shelf of older books so much.
used books used books used books used books
The owner also has set up a table near the cozy seating area in the first photo of the store with 'different books'. This space is meant for those who may come along with the book lover in their life but don't want to search on their own. These book are meant to get them interested. Some really funny and interesting reads in this pile. 
used books used books used books
So if your going to BUY books I highly recommend trying to get them used locally first. Then you can scour the internet for used versions as well, amazon is a great resource for this but I am also a huge fan of book exchanges like BookMooch (you can get rid of some books you no longer want! and find really cool international copies of stuff too. 
I am trying to live more locally so I am using Booked for the Season as my local used book shop of choice. If I cannot find something at the library I may then head over to my other favorite local NEW book shop Bookman's and fork over the cash to them instead of Barnes and Noble or Amazon. How do you get your read on? 

~Outfit Details~
Jeans: American Apparel
Shirt: Thrifted | Shelby's Place
Jacket: My Mom's Hand me Down
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell



  1. Such a cool outfit and book store! I love going into used or old book stores.

  2. Used books are my favorite! They just speak to me. I buy most of my books from Half Price Books, I always check the book section at thrift shops and garage sales too, Amazon is a good option when I need a new title.



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