Monday, April 14, 2014


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I have a confession. I am a Class 2 Grade A hoarder of vintage clothing. While touting a 'slow' lifestyle I just have kept holding onto things that I do not wear, do not want or that do not fit me. I have entire room dedicated as 'second closet' which I can now barely find anything in because the shoe organizer is overflowing and the racks are packed full, piles of sweaters and pants I don't even know if they fit!  So I have decided to start removing unnecessary clutter from my life. Not only clothing but books and decor as well. I just have so much stuff. I am hosting a PURGE party (not a swap..i don't want anyone's stuff) this week to kick off my PURGE. 

Yesterday I started going through everything deciding what to give away and realized I have great attachment to many of these items for a variety of sentimental reasons. Maybe it was a gift, a purchase when I was down or feeling sad. Whatever the reason I have come to the realization that by letting the item go I am also letting go of what is holding me back. Having all this stuff around is making my mind cluttered and unfocused. 

I started by just quickly piling into YES or NO. Put everything I thought I might want in one pile to everything I immediately said no to in another. This was hard...i tried to second guess myself many times but kept telling myself my INITIAL reaction is what I would stick with. I think by doing a purge instead of just automatically donating the things to a wonderful charity I know I can maybe see some of these items in the future on my friends and family. For some reason this idea really helps me which is where the purge begins. So let the purge begin. 

(this will become a series of posts as this is not a ONE TIME fix all of things but rather the beginning in a huge process...LETS DO IT TOGETHER)


  1. if any local fashion bloggers are interested in attending just email me for the details :) all are invited!

  2. Hmm, I don't think Texas is quite close enough for me to attend. :o)


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