Friday, October 24, 2014

this is what i do

this is what i do
oh heyyyyy i do still exist!!!!!!
Sorry all. I keep meaning to put on some fresh clothes and take my own picture but I for 
1) don't feel very good in my clothes at the moment (as i have told you all before)
2) have like NO time to take my own picture
I spend all day every day taking other peoples pictures and editing them the idea of doing my own is DAUNTING. 
SO finally I met up with a new photographer friend. She is so fabulously fantastic and I am pretty sure we are new BFFs I snapped a bunch of photos of her and she did so of me too. 
I also happened to actually buy a new shirt this same day when out with my girl Kristin. And I am obsessed with it. All fall I have just been wanting to live in oversized shirts in black/grey at least this one has a little zazz with the zipper on the side. 
this is what i do this is what i do this is what i do this is what i do this is what i do this is what i do this is what i do this is what i do this is what i do
So if you guys are missing out on me you can follow along on my photographic journeys on my 
Photography Blog | Instagram | Facebook Page for Photography
If not thats cool too. Just thought I would give you the option :D
Also check out Alycia's work who did all of these amazing photographs. I LOVE her eye and her editing style is so fresh and fantastic i die (she also gets to take photos of a LOT of really pretty people and the fracking Red Wings so I am a bit jealous) 
~Outfit Details~
Shirt: from JB & Me 
Necklace: Bud to Rose | From Threads on Eighth in Holland Get it HERE 
Jacket: My mom's Vintage Leather Jacket
Pants: American Apparel | HERE 
Boots: Doc Martens (i have the ones made in England) | HERE
Bag: Vintage Douney and Burke



  1. Yay! your pics turned out awesome :) and i love your new sweater!

    Thanks for hanging with me and Kristen for a moment yesterday, it was super fun!

  2. Rachel, you are amazing as always, and Alycia captured it well. Keep up the good work all around!



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