Friday, April 25, 2014

turquoise kinda day

turquoise pants
Pretty much year round I wear "Spring" and "Fall" colors. I don't see a reason to hide out my color collection for one season or another. But for some reason right at the start of a season I get really seasonally color happy. Like I MUST wear spring colors right in April as the daffodils start flowering. Or I must wear my mustards and burnt oranges right as August starts to wind down. Today I really wanted to bust out my spring colors and specifically this BAG. I love this bag. It is the perfect size for my not full frame camera (my full frame is huge and won't fit) and all my other stuffs. I love to take it out shopping or running around town for errands/meetups. It is quite the little gem. 
turquoise pants turquoise pants turquoise pants turquoise pants turquoise pants turquoise pants
My dad decided to photobomb the session. Oh and Rue too ;)
turquoise pants turquoise pants
What about you? Do you save spring and fall colors for those specific seasons? Or do you find them creaping into other seasons as well. I love pairing spring and fall colors all year round or using them to pop up my neutrals in the winter when everything is so boring and bland. 
~Outfit Details~
Pants: American Apparel
Sweater: Thrifted | Hope's Outlet
Bag: Vintage store in Portland OR
Shoes: Thrifted | Salvation Army
Vest: Thrifted | (Given away at the purge!)
Necklace: Borrowed from my mom's jewelry box

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

just a little spring

spring vintage skirt
The sun is peaking out which just makes everything feel like spring. The crocuses are blooming and everything is just starting to green up. I finally feel like I can pull out things that expose my legs and not freeze my little bum off. 

spring vintage skirt spring vintage skirt spring vintage skirt spring vintage skirt spring vintage skirt spring vintage skirt spring vintage skirt spring vintage skirt
I tromped through my woods with my dogs and my tripod for these shots. I enjoyed being able to not feel like I had to quickly take photos this day, I felt like I had all the time in the world to set up and capture these moments without losing fingers to frostbite. My hair is also getting a little too 'fluffy' for my liking. Time for a trim!!!
~Outfit Details~
Jacket: Vintage Thrifted | Chicago
Shirt and Skirt and Bag: Vintage Thrifted | Hope's Outlet
Shoes: Vintage Thrifted | Salvation Army
Watch: Michael Kors


Monday, April 21, 2014

THE PURGE - Part II (results)

Well here you have it!! The results of my first PURGE PARTY on Thursday. I invited a bunch of local ladies to come and peruse my givings away and had a blast doing it. 
I struggle with letting go and doing it this way really helped me. Knowing it is going to someone who will get enjoyment out of it and actually use it even for just a minute felt great. Plus I loved watching everyone rave about things and fill up their bags. 
I served a delicious girly drink that was really fun to make and spent a lot of time socalizing and seeing people I have not seen in awhile! It was really a great evening and I am so happy with the results. Are you curious to know how much I got rid of? I am excited to tell you either way! Because YES I counted so here it goes:
Sweaters (65 to start) - 28 gone!!!!
Other Clothing (277 to start) - 148 gone!!!!
Accessories (48 to start) - 29 gone!!!!
Shoes (12 to start) - 8 gone!!!!
Also I got rid of a bunch of books but I forgot to count them!!! NOW all this stuff heads off to my LOCAL thrift store (not goodwill, actually it will go to where I used to work) to help support my local peeps. 
NOW - What I got really really excited about was seeing the ladies I invited posting themselves in their new digs on facebook. They let me upload a few photos to this post to share with you guys! 
Here is heather rocking her new hat, bag, shoes and jacket all from the PURGE! Isn't she looking freaking fantastic! 
And Tiffanie is wearing her new vintage dress and hat from the purge as well!
In my opinion I would say the ladies were definitely satisfied as well as myself with the results of the purge. I feel lighter and like I can now really get into my closet space and start organizing. I am planning on doing more purge like things as I progress but It is a slow process for sure!!!
And a special thanks to my parents for letting me take over their house for the PURGE my stuff is still sitting in the living room (in bags now) but I am heading out to hand it over and hopefully someone else will get more use out of these things!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

booked for the season

used books
It is not a new thing to my readers that I love reading (haha see what i did there...clearly you like reading too!) But I normally talk about how much I LOVE my local library. Which don't get me wrong I totally do. You can get any book you want to read and don't pile up masses of books that you paid absurd amounts of money for....HOWEVER there are times when I like to OWN a book. I love old books, books with stories, bookplates that have other peoples names in them and a history of their own. I like books that are no longer published and you just can't find in the library and second hand book stores are just the place for me. 

I first came across Booked for the Season by accident. I was hoping to head to my local natural food store and couldn't find a parking spot. So I parked right in front of Booked for the Season and headed over to get my vegan nom on. On my way back the word BOOK bounced out at me and I had to check it out. This store is adorable and if you are into thrifting or book searching at all this is just your kind of place. 
used books used books used books used books used books used books
There is something magical about the hunt for books. They have tons of titles you would never have heard of. I love this shelf of older books so much.
used books used books used books used books
The owner also has set up a table near the cozy seating area in the first photo of the store with 'different books'. This space is meant for those who may come along with the book lover in their life but don't want to search on their own. These book are meant to get them interested. Some really funny and interesting reads in this pile. 
used books used books used books
So if your going to BUY books I highly recommend trying to get them used locally first. Then you can scour the internet for used versions as well, amazon is a great resource for this but I am also a huge fan of book exchanges like BookMooch (you can get rid of some books you no longer want! and find really cool international copies of stuff too. 
I am trying to live more locally so I am using Booked for the Season as my local used book shop of choice. If I cannot find something at the library I may then head over to my other favorite local NEW book shop Bookman's and fork over the cash to them instead of Barnes and Noble or Amazon. How do you get your read on? 

~Outfit Details~
Jeans: American Apparel
Shirt: Thrifted | Shelby's Place
Jacket: My Mom's Hand me Down
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


Monday, April 14, 2014


(photo credit not found...Google is smelly)

I have a confession. I am a Class 2 Grade A hoarder of vintage clothing. While touting a 'slow' lifestyle I just have kept holding onto things that I do not wear, do not want or that do not fit me. I have entire room dedicated as 'second closet' which I can now barely find anything in because the shoe organizer is overflowing and the racks are packed full, piles of sweaters and pants I don't even know if they fit!  So I have decided to start removing unnecessary clutter from my life. Not only clothing but books and decor as well. I just have so much stuff. I am hosting a PURGE party (not a swap..i don't want anyone's stuff) this week to kick off my PURGE. 

Yesterday I started going through everything deciding what to give away and realized I have great attachment to many of these items for a variety of sentimental reasons. Maybe it was a gift, a purchase when I was down or feeling sad. Whatever the reason I have come to the realization that by letting the item go I am also letting go of what is holding me back. Having all this stuff around is making my mind cluttered and unfocused. 

I started by just quickly piling into YES or NO. Put everything I thought I might want in one pile to everything I immediately said no to in another. This was hard...i tried to second guess myself many times but kept telling myself my INITIAL reaction is what I would stick with. I think by doing a purge instead of just automatically donating the things to a wonderful charity I know I can maybe see some of these items in the future on my friends and family. For some reason this idea really helps me which is where the purge begins. So let the purge begin. 

(this will become a series of posts as this is not a ONE TIME fix all of things but rather the beginning in a huge process...LETS DO IT TOGETHER)