Wednesday, August 20, 2014

a pretty little dress

a pretty little dress
Another post courtesy of the lovely Down to Earth shop in downtown GH..... it has been awhile since these photos have been taken but I have been so busy with work photos I keep forgetting to post anything of myself! They had just put up the 'coast guard city usa' signs on Dewy hill downtown and this was a perfect summer time outfit/shoot! 
I appreciate all of the nice comments about my last post. Body image issues are something I have always struggled with and this blog has been a huge source for me to combat that. I love seeing all the nice things people have to say about me..but sometimes it still doesn't change how you feel inside. This summer has been hard for me to feel confident in my skin and my clothes...fall is my time of year so I am hoping as we reach that I will start to feel happier with the selfies I am taking. 
New and exciting things are happening with my business and my life! I can't wait to share big projects with you all and big changes! 
a pretty little dress a pretty little dress a pretty little dress a pretty little dress a pretty little dress a pretty little dress a pretty little dress a pretty little dress a pretty little dress
~Outfit Details~
Dress and Bag and Jewelry - Down to Earth
Shoes and Hat- Everything's Always Sunny
And thanks to Kristin for the photos! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

floral top and lace shorts

Well hello there!!!!!! 
Been taking a non-planned hiatus from the blog due to body-image issues and just absolute life craziness. My photography business has been growing like crazy and it has been amazing. I am constantly busy shooting, editing, blogging and putting myself out there for more work. 
Also not feeling comfortable in my clothes and living in 2 cities has made fashion blogging hard..... there are really a million excuses and none of them valid. When i started this blog and had a year of blogging daily I somehow made THAT work amongst the craziness but apparently i just haven't been feeling it lately. 
Well a few weeks ago I met up with my friend Kristin (of that gorgeous blog Everythings Always Sunny) about a project she is starting.... I will be taking lovely photos of her pretty often and that is pretty rad. We headed to Down to Earth, a local fashion/home decor store in Grand Haven and got to styling. I put together this gorgeous floral top and lace shorts along with a bunch of bracelets, Kristins shoes and voila! Outfit! 
I actually felt really good in this outfit. The top is super flattering on my current figure and I have been craving a pair of lace shorts, I decided to take these babies home with me. 
Super thanks to Kristin for always being a babe and for taking these photos! 
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Outfit Details: 
All clothing and accessories can be found at Down to Earth
Shoes: Borrowed from Kristin