Hi! I'm Rachel the creator of Slow Your Style. 

Slow Your Style is a fashion, food and lifestyle blog about living the SLOW life. 

In an effort to be mindful of my consumerism in fashion I decided to spend a year buying nothing new and buying less, The Year of Slow Fashion was born. For a year I blogged daily about my clothing and favorite style trends. 

At the end of the year I knew I wanted to keep blogging, my journey lead me to realize I care less about "fashion" and more about developing a personal style.

day fourtysix
My personal style is vintage, creative, different every day, girly and tomboy, dressed up and ready for the farm. My closet contains equal numbers of dresses and t-shirts. I have a thing for cat sweaters and grandma's knit vests, Midi-skirts and silk blouses. Accessories like hats, headbands and funky vintage jewelry are key to every outfit. I love buying vintage, thrifted and local when I chose to make purchases. 

 Slow Your Style is about being mindful of fashion, food, photography, technology and consumption. It's about slowing down the day to day and enjoying the moments. These are my moments.


  1. Just discovered your blog and I'm hooked! Love the idea of all things slow and, as a writer of a sewing blog, I can identify with many of the issues you raise regarding fast fashion. Perhaps you'd like to get involved with Fashion Revolution Day? It's marking the one year anniversary of the collapse of Rana Plaza and they are asking everyone to wear something inside out and share it on social media. I'm going to email you directly so you don't think this is some weird spam thing!

    1. oh thank you!!!! YES I LOVE THIS IDEA :D i am totally down for anything Slow Fashion/ Eco fashion related :D

  2. What a great blog idea! It is so great to see more blogs about slow fashion taking the focus away from consumerism to rather support sustainable fashion.

    We have a campaign going about this issue. Check out our blog at thinktwiceabouttheprice.wordpress.com if you are interested in some more information!


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