-Why do you call yourself a vegan but still wear silk, leather and wool?

      I love this question because its a great talking point. When i first became a vegan I really struggled with this, debating throwing out all of my leather and silk, but after talking to some environmental friends of mine i decided WASTING things and buying new PLASTIC MADE things was even more crappy for the environment. I refuse to buy anything NEW that is made from animal products. I frequently get called a hippocrite for wearing silk and leather but I don't care. I know what I have decided is right for me and I don't feel bad about it. After all I became a vegan first for the health reasons and second for the environment so my choices make sense (to me anyway).

-Who takes your pictures?

    The better question is who doesn't take my pictures! I ask all of my friends and family to take pictures and I sometimes take them myself. Just depends on the day, because I do this daily it can be hard to get someone to take them. Its a fun excuse to see different people too!

- Your outfit details say from Nordstroms Rack, Forever 21 and other stores! I thought you weren't buying anything new? What's the Deal?

    I didn't just start out with NOTHING and decide to get a wardrobe and do this blog. Anything that says its from a normal store I had before I started the blog unless otherwise specified. I actually plan on eliminating many of the 'fast fashion' pieces from my life or altering them to make them a bit more worth keeping. I am not gonna lie to you and tell you I am not buying anything new and then show you some new stuff thats just crazy and mean! :D

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